2020 federal tax returns are due May 17. If you have not yet filed your taxes, you can get your return started with these helpful tips, resources, and questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you required to file a tax return? If your income is under a certain amount, you may not be required to file a federal income tax return. Find out if you need to file using the IRS’s Interactive Tax Assistant.
  • Do you have all the forms you need to file? To file your return, you will need Form W-2 from your employer and Form 1099 to report various types of income. Understand more about each form and learn how to get a copy in case you didn’t receive it.
  • Are you ready to file your return? If you have all the forms you need, you’re ready to file. Get step-by-step instructions to file your federal tax return, including choosing your filing status, using a tax preparation software, and making a tax payment.
  • Do you have questions you need answered before filing? You may still have questions or need help to get your return completed. Find free tax help tools, get IRS contact information, and see if you’re eligible for free tax preparation services to make sure your tax-related questions get answered.
  • Do you qualify for a lower tax bill? You may be able to lower the amount you owe on your taxes using tax credits and deductions. Learn how these credits and deductions work, and find out if you qualify to claim them on your 2020 return.
  • Did you already file? If you’ve already filed your return, you may want to see if the IRS received it. Or, you may want to find out when you’ll get your refund. Get your return’s status using the Where’s My Refund tool from the IRS.